Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control Gimmicks

Many of you have seen advertisements over the internet regarding bed bugs such as: Silver Bullet Found To Kill Bed Bugs or Best Bed Bug Trap Ever. The truth is, they all work to some extent. There are products that you spray on the bed bug that kills them. It probably works but if that is the case then so does a fly swatter or better still the use of a vacuum cleaner. The pitfall traps that you place under the legs of your bed or sofa also work, so long as your sheets or comforter never touched the floor because if they do touch the floor, a bed bug can bypass the pitfall trap and use the sheet to get into bed with you. Information is the best tool we have at our disposal. Learn as much as you can about bed bugs from reliable sources like university sites. Sanitation is the next best tool. By vacuuming regularly and removing clutter, you will find it very easy to see if you have the beginnings of a bed bug infestation, As far as K-9 teams go, not all teams are created equal. make sure the teams are 3rd party certified and have them show you not only their certification certificate but also your name prominently displayed on the certifying bodies web site. If a team fails an inspection it is usually not the fault of the dog. It’s usually handler error that elicits an alert from the dog. All Purity Pest Control’s K-9 teams are 3rd party certified and offer not only professional inspections but also provides support during and after treatment if needed. Call us for a professional inspection today. Michael Goldman Associate Certified Entomologist K-9 Trainer & Handler 905-761-9388 1-877-507-0642