Canine Bed Bug Detection

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Canine Bed Bug Detection is the best way to find and treat bed bugs.  Bed bug dogs sniff out the pests where they hide so they are found and treated.  Dogs are far more accurate than human inspectors.

canine bed bug detection photo of bed bugWhat are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasites that prefer to feed on human blood. They also prefer night time activity and get their name from their presence in beds and households. Bed bugs can be anywhere from couches to carpet, but they are usually detected in the bed first. Human detection of bed bugs is usually slow. Dogs make the ideal bed bug hunter since they have the ability to detect them quickly.    K9 Bed Bug detection is superior to human visual inspections.

The Symptoms Of Bed Bug Infestation

These tiny creatures are capable of infesting an entire home. They cause rashes and allergic symptoms as well as psychological problems. A bed bug rash is not a pretty visual, and most victims suffer greatly. Sadly, bed bugs are more common than people think. They are also hard to get rid of once a home or bed is overly infested. Removal may involve fumigation and tossing out furniture that is too difficult to treat. They are a costly and dangerous pest.  You can avoid these problems and book a canine bed bug detection consultation with Purity Pest Control.

Canine Bed Bug Detection:  How Dogs Find Bed Bugs

A bed bug dog has a powerful sense of smell. They can smell in parts per trillion, which is impossible for the human nose. These special dogs are trained to pinpoint the exact source of the parasites in a home or room. Since dogs are smaller than a human, they can easily go into places where humans wouldn’t fit.  This is why canine bed bug detection is superior to a human inspector.

Why Bed Bug Dogs Are A Viable Method For Detection

A specially trained k-9 bed bug detection dog can find these bugs at a higher rate of success than humans. This is due to their powerful sense of smell. While humans rely more on sight, dogs rely on sniffing them out. Canine bed bug detection can also find them faster than a human. If you are preparing to buy a home or rent one, a canine bed bug inspections dog can inspect the area to ensure that there are no infestations. Most people find out that they have bed bugs when it is already a huge problem and too late to easily fix.

Moving into a new place is a major milestone. Knowing if the place is safe and free of pests is important. Hiring a trained and efficient canine bed bug inspections dog is the best way to know if the place is safe and clean. The sooner you know about bed bugs, the safer your family will be. Skip the middleman and hire a well-trained dog, before it is too late.

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