Can We Share a Cab? Said the Bed Bug.

bed bug in taxi cabsI recently did a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection in the Toronto area of limousine for hire. Upon inspection and alert of my dog I found bed bugs in the seats. In fact, an infestation! It got me thinking about all the other unexpected places people could acquire bed bugs out in public and bring them home. Read the article to learn more.

Limousines and Taxi Cabs

As I mentioned above, Bed bugs can be found in limousines and taxi cabs. Bed bugs are generally found wherever people congregate and where they can find a nice dark place to hide. Like between the cushions in taxi cab or limousine. It just goes to show that you can bring bed bugs home from almost anywhere.

Movie Theaters

A few years ago I was asked to inspect a 24 theater complex just before the Toronto Film Festivle, TIFF because someone “Tweeted” they were bitten in one of the screening rooms. I can’t tell you if I found any during that inspection because the results are confidential but I can say I have, on several occations found bed bugs in theaters and large play houses. What a perfect temperature controlled, nice dark place for bed bugs to hide!

Hospitals and Care Facilities

Hospitals, Long Term Health Care facilities and day care facilities, while they are usually very diligent about pest and bed bug control, often have outbreaks of bed bugs in their facilities. Again, a place where lots of people spend extended periods of time and where a bed bug would have an abundance of places to hide.


Hotels are a prime location for bed bugs to hide and also for people to bring bed bugs back home with them. Because hotel rooms are host to many different people from around the world, and provide a perfect environment for bed bugs to live, hotel rooms are of particular concern. We in North America have zero tolerance for insects of any kind let alone bed bugs but in some 3rd world countries and even modern ones, bed bugs are not a real concern to their population so diligence is not important to them. You may want to read our article on how to prevent getting bed bugs from hotel rooms.


Most people wouldn’t consider bed bugs being in libraries, but think about it. Each book is a great place for bed bugs to hide. Plus, libraries are temperature controlled, giving the pests a great home. In addition, people bring the books in and out of their homes. Where’s your favorite place to read, in bed?


Bed bugs have been found on airplanes, trains, buses, boats and as I mentioned at the top of this article, cars, cabs and limos. Again another great place for bed bugs to hide with a never ending food source: people.

Bed Bug Infestations are on the Rise

Bed bug infestations are on the rise and you may be asking yourself, why? Well, as environmental concerns grow, the use of pesticides is increasingly prohibited. Many of the pesticides that are most effective on bed bugs a no longer allowed to be used. This makes getting rid of bed bugs extremely difficult and expensive. This has given the pests the ability to grow their numbers. Plus, population growth, people living closer together in massive condos and apartments allows the spread of bed bugs more than ever before.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Absolutely the best way to know if you have bed bugs is with a K-9 Bed Bug Inspection. Here at Purity Pest Control we use specially trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs where they hide. This not only gives one the peace of mind of knowing for sure, but allows better and more effective targeted treatment when the exterminator knows exactly where they are hiding.
If you think you might have bed bugs contact us for a confidential K-9 bed bug inspection today.