Get Rid of Wasps

How to Get Rid of Wasps!

What is a Wasp?

WaspSmallGreyAn adult wasp measures about 1 inch in length and is reddish-brown or dark red. Some species are orange, while others have varying bright stripes of red and yellow.

Yellow jackets live in organized colonies within carefully constructed multi-combed “paper” nests. These nests are found underground as well as in trees and under roof eaves. At the end of summer, the queen must mate before all others die. A mated queen then locates winter shelter under bark, shingles, inside exterior walls of structures such as houses or in abandoned rodent nests. In the spring, the queen starts collecting decaying wood to build a new nest and then lays her eggs.

Wasps produce a round upside-down paper comb that is attached by a single stalk to a horizontal surface. Wasp nests can be found in exposed areas beneath soffits, in the corners of windows, under awnings, under porches, and beneath decks. These wasps will also nest within other voids and protected areas such as gas grills, electric outlet boxes, hose reels, attics and crawl spaces. They often enter attics through holes in the soffits, attic vent screens and underneath shingles.

If you find a wasp nest it can be eradicated first by using a wasp treatment product and then knocking down the nest. These treatments are best done at night, although professionals can safely treat them during the day. If you need some help, contract the professionals at Purity Pest Control.

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