Canine Bed Bug Inspection Accuracy Reviewed in Recent Article

Michael Goldman, owner of Purity Pest Control, recently authored and article for Pest Control Technology Magazine.  A link to the article can be found here.

K-9 Bed Bug Inspection vs. Human Inspection: Setting the Record Straight

A veteran handler says a lack of understanding of how a K-9 unit functions is causing misperceptions about the effectiveness of K-9 bed bug detection teams.



In the article, Michael takes on the debate of which is better:  Human inspector for bed bugs or a bed bug dog inspection?  canine bed bug inspection accuracy is a topic hotly debated and Michael addresses it head on.

Michael reviews various inspection scenarios and how the overall accuracy of both a human inspector and/or a K9 inspection team can be influenced by the environment they are inspecting.

It’s a great read for those of you deciding on which type of bed bug inspection to get.