How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A note of warning about
getting rid of bed bugs:

Due to the difficulty in treating and eliminating bed bugs, I strongly recommend you have this done professionally. If you had an issue with mice or ants I would say go ahead and try and control this yourself but bed bugs should not be taken lightly. Also, just because you have marks on your body that look like they could be bed bug bites, do not allow anyone to treat your premises unless bed bugs are confirmed. FYI, it is illegal for a PMP, Pest Management Professional to treat for an insect unless he is 100% sure that that insect is present.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a complicated problem

If your wondering how to get rid of bed bugs.  The answer isn’t simple  Getting rid of bed bugs is a very complicated problem and there is not one single solution that immediately gets rid of all bed bugs.  To get rid of bed bugs you really have to think about an integrated approach that involves many strategies working together.

Find where the bed bugs are

Finding where the bed bugs are is a key step in getting rid of bed bugs.  Because bed bugs like to hide in cracks, crevices, seams in mattresses, inside drawers, etc. They become very difficult to treat.  One of the best ways to increase your chance of successfully  getting rid of bed bugs is to find them.  And  one of the best methods to find them is with a canine bed bug inspection.  Dogs are specially trained to sniff out bed bugs.  Knowing where they are hiding increases your chance of eradication.  Once you know where they are you can take steps to eradicate.

Bag and Launder Items affected by Bed Bugs

Any clothing, bedding or any other fabric items that can be laundered, should be. It is more important to place the articles in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes. Some water tanks do not achieve 120 degrees F.   Any items that cannot be laundered  you should consider thoroughly cleaning and steaming if possible. Place all items in sealed plastic bags if you can keep them in there for several months. Once the issue is treated and contained you can slowly bring out the sealed items after carefully examining them.

Steam Clean Large items to remove Bed Bugs

Sofas and mattresses can be steam cleaned with a steam generator. Be advised that some less expensive units may not penetrate as well as the more professional types. The steam should be hot enough to kill bed bugs and eggs.  Thoroughly steam the fabric paying particular attention to seams and creases. If you wish to purchase a professional type steamer or other bed bug deterrents I recommend visiting  for all your bed bug needs.

Vacuum your house thoroughly

Vacuuming can help remove eggs and bed bugs from affected areas.  Just make sure you properly clean your vacuum and remove the bag to make sure you’re not moving bed bugs from one area to another.

Call a professional Bed Bug Exterminator

A professional bed bug exterminator has the experience to help you solve your bed bug infestation problem.  They can help guide you to clean affected areas, plus they can employ special insecticides that that are not available to the homeowner that will aid in eliminating the problem.  If you really are looking for the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs, call a professional.

Purity Pest Control Can Help get rid of Bed Bugs

Purity Pest Control employs dogs to confirm if you do in fact have bed bugs.  Plus, the dogs can pinpoint where they are detecting bed bugs with their keen sense of smell.  This will help narrow down what has to be treated and the extent of the problem.  Contact Purity Pest Control today for a canine bed bug inspection.