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Over 30 Years in Business

For over 30+ years, Purity Pest Control has been providing pest control for Canadian families and businesses in Toronto and the GTA. Purity Pest Control is Canada’s only pest control company that has an on-staff canine trained in pest detection. What does this mean? It means that Kody, our trained bed bug dog, finds bugs that elude traditional pest inspection techniques such as termites and bed bugs. He doesn’t need to see them, he just needs to smell them and we know where to treat. Traditional techniques rely on visual clues only and sometimes they aren’t present.

Purity provides effective treatment programs including:

K-9 Termite and Bed Bug Inspections
Carpenter Ant Control
Bed Bug Control
Rodent Control
Flying Insect Control
Bird Control
Commercial Consulting and Pest Elimination Programs
Commercial and Residential Fumigation
Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM)
Business, Restaurant, Hospital/Healthcare, Hotel and Manufacturing Pest Programs
Termite Inspections and Written Reports for Real Estate Transactions
Total Pest Control Programs
Bio Remediation Drain Service
Odour Control

Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques minimizes pesticide use and maximizes safety for your family or business. IPM involves a combination of techniques to prevent and control pest infestations. It involves using sanitation, modification, and cultural practices along with chemical and mechanical control measures. The benefits of an IPM program are long-term solutions to your pest problem as well as a reduction of pesticide use, which prevents pesticide resistance and helps the environment. If you’re searching for efficient and sensible solutions to your pest control problems, Purity is the one to call. “Let Purity Put Your Pest To Rest”


We will strive to provide you with the best possible pest management service while keeping safety and the environment our top priority. Purity Pest Control services are backed by a pest control satisfaction guarantee. Our internationally recognized K-9 detection team will inspect your business for pests. Call 1-905-761-9388 to schedule an appointment or submit an Inspection Request Form today!

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