Yellow Jacket Removal

What is a Yellow Jacket?


yellow jacketsThe shiny yellow and black body of a yellow jacket measures up to ¾ inch long. A stinger is located at the rear of the body.Yellow jackets live in organized colonies within carefully constructed multi-combed “paper” nests. These nests are found underground as well as in trees and under roof eaves. At the end of summer, the queen must mate before all others die. A mated queen then locates winter shelter under bark, shingles, inside exterior walls of structures such as houses or in abandoned rodent nests. In the spring, the queen starts collecting decaying wood to build a new nest and then lays her eggs.By the end of summer, this nest and colony can contain thousands of cells and workers. Yellow jackets are attracted to sweet food and strong scents. They eat other insects, such as flies and caterpillars.

Because of attraction to foods and scents, yellow jackets buzz around backyard gatherings and children’s play areas. Unlike a bee that is known to sting once and die, yellow jackets can sting more than once. In small children, or allergic adults, yellow jacket stings can become a medical emergency.

To help prevent yellow jackets from nesting, keep trash and garbage in sealed containers and away from the house. Clean up decaying wood, trees and landscape areas and stack woodpiles away from the house. When relaxing outside, avoid wearing perfumes or hairspray. Be sure to keep all drinks and food covered.If you can find a yellow jacket nest, control is fairly simple. Use an insecticide to treat the nest and the surrounding area. If you cannot immediately locate the nest, a residual insecticide may be used to repel and kill yellow jackets. If you need some help, contract the professionals at Purity Pest Control. Do not wait until the nest gets big.

Yellow Jacket Removal

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