Bed Bug Dog Inspection

How is a Bed Bug Dog Inspection Done?

Bed bug dogs are specifically trained to identify the scent of bed bugs.  Dogs smell odors in the parts per trillion.  Something a human inspector can’t come close to.  After the dogs are specially trained to identify the sent of bed bugs, they are taken around a target location where the dog will sniff out any existence of bed bugs.  It’s really as simple as that!  Bed bug dog inspection has been shown to be up to 98% accurate in detecting bed bugs.

How is Bed Bug Dog Inspection Different?

Bed bug dog inspection offers some key advantages over traditional visual inspections.  First of all it’s more effective.  But secondly, it’s more environmentally friendly.  If you can imagine, without a k-9 bed bug inspection dog, if you found evidence of bed bugs and wanted to treat a hotel, or private residence for that matter, you would have to treat the entire building.  When using canine bed bug inspection dogs you only have to treat the affected areas discovered by the dog.  This means less insecticide is used and you get a much less invasive way of dealing with the bed bug problem.

The difficulty in bed bug inspection

It is important to note that with bed bugs, due to their nature of hiding in cracks and crevices, and usually only coming out at night, that a low level infestation is extremely difficult to detect.  Even by bed bug dogs.  However, if you want the best inspection method currently available, you want to inspect for bed bugs with a canine bed bug inspection.  Purity Pest Control was one of the first in the industry to offer inspection for bed bugs by dogs.  If you think you may have a bed bug problem, Purity Pest Control can help. 

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