Hospital Pest Control & Health Care Facilities

hospital pest controlHospital Pest Control for Health Care Facilities

The presence of pests in a health care facility is of major concern and can compromise the sterile nature of that environment.

Among other pests, bed bugs are a growing concern in the health care world. They can be difficult to locate and therefore diagnose. Let a Purity professional inspect your premises today.

Purity employs Canada’s only canine trained to inspect for bed bugs and perform a passive alert (sit) when he detects the presence of bed bugs on your premises. A K-9 inspector can detect bed bugs behind walls, under floors, and otherwise inaccessible areas that traditional inspections would miss. Kody, the pest detective offers close to 100% effective rate, as opposed to the approximately 30% accuracy rate of even the best trained human inspector.

Get rid of them before you and your patients see and feel their effects.

The Purity Pest Control Program includes:

  • A thorough inspection by our K-9 team specially trained to service the health care industry at discrete times
  • Required documentation to meet Health and Safety regulations
  • Bed bug eradication and control services
  • Flying insect, bird and termite control services
  • Cockroach control services
  • Rodent control services
  • Bio Remediation Drain Service (controls drain odours)
  • Drain Fly Control
  • Auto Urinal Drip Systems
  • Area Odour Control Devices
  • Feminine Sanitary Solutions

Purity Pest Control services are backed by a pest control satisfaction guarantee!

Our internationally recognised K-9 detection team will inspect your business for pests. Call 1-877-507-0642  to schedule an appointment or submit an Inspection Request Form today!