Residential Pest Control for your Home

residential pest control

Serving Toronto and the GTA

Let a certified Purity Inspector perform an inspection of your home to be certain it is pest-free. We offer the following services to residential clients:

  • Residential Building Inspection
  • Bio Remediation Drain Service
  • Drain Fly Control

Residential Pest Control: Building Inspection

Your property is unique in its areas for pests to live and breed. We’ll inspect your home and uncover what’s bugging you and your family. Among other pests, bed bugs are a growing concern in all neighbourhoods. They can be difficult to locate and therefore diagnose, and can plague your home, sometimes causing sore and annoying bites.

Another pesky and destructive pest is the termite. They can eat through your home and cause serious damage before you are even aware they’re at work.

Purity employs Canada’s only canine trained to inspect for bed bugs and perform a passive alert (sit) when he detects the presence of bed bugs on your premises. A K-9 inspector can detect bed bugs behind walls, under floors, and otherwise inaccessible areas that traditional inspections would miss. Kody, the pest detective offers close to 100% effective rate, as opposed to the approximately 30% accuracy rate of a trained human inspector.

Get rid of them before you and your family see and feel their effects.

Bio Remediation Drain Service

Bio Remediation is the process by which living organisms are used to decontaminate polluted systems, restoring a natural balance to your drainage system. Bio Remediation controls drain fly and drain odour problems.

Drain Fly Control

One of the most common pest problems in homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools and offices are flies that breed in or infest drains. In some cases, correct identification of the fly species involved can help to locate all breeding sources and can aid in choosing the correct method of controlling the flying pests.

Purity Pest Control services are backed by a pest control satisfaction guarantee!

First in residential pest control, our internationally recognized K-9 detection team will inspect your business for pests. Call 1-905-761-9388 to schedule an appointment or submit an Inspection Request Form today!