Watch out for Bed Bugs Found in Library Books

bed bugs found in libraryRecent reports in Toronto of Bed Bugs Found in Library

The Toronto Public Library has confirmed that that they do have a problem with bed bugs found in library books and borrowed material and they regularly inspect and treat for bed bugs in their libraries according to a report by CTV News.




How Bed Bugs Spread in Library Books

Many people bring library books home and read in bed. If their home is infested infected with bed bugs, a book makes a great place for a bed bug to hide. It has lots of cracks and crevices for the bed bug to crawl into.

How Serious is the Bed Bug Infestation?

The Toronto Public Library said the incidents were few. They said they had 28 cases in 2011 and 22 cases in 2012 of bed bugs found in library. If you compare this to about 33 million items borrowed, the risk is relatively small.

Precautions You Can Take to Avoid Bed bugs found in Library books

If you’re worried about bringing bed bugs home from the library, here are some precautions you can take.

• If it’s winter, leave the books in the car overnight, parked outside, the sub zero temperatures will kill the bedbugs.

• If it’s not winter, you could put the book in the freezer.

• In general, don’t take library books into the bedroom to read.

• most important, do a visual check of the book before you sign it out.

What can you do if you suspect you have bed bugs?

If you suspect you have bed bugs you should call a professional to come and inspect for bed bugs. Here at Purity Pest Control, we’re number one in K-9 Bed Bug Detection. We use specially trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs where they hide. You’ll rest easy when you know for sure if bed bugs are present or not. Dogs have been shown to be far more accurate than human inspectors and have been shown to be up to 98% accurate in finding bed bugs.

Purity has been involved with library inspections for a number of years.

Contact Purity Pest Control if you suspect you may have bed bugs.