Bee Removal

What is a Bee?

get rid of beesThe golden-yellow body of a Honeybee with dark bands of brown measures up to a 1/2 inch in length.

Honeybees nest inside cavities found in rocks and tress. Occasionally they will nest inside a crawl space, attic, wall void or a chimney in a home.

If you locate a nest in your home, it is best to contact a professional for removal, as once a colony has been eliminated, the building owner may  need to open the wall and remove all of the honey and the honeycomb. If not removed, the honey will rot, producing strong odours and seeping stains, which will attract other pests.

For bee removal, a Purity Pest Control professional will inspect and treat your home or business for stinging insects and other pests. Call 1-905-761-9388 to schedule an appointment or submit an Inspection Request Form today!