Humane Bird Control

humane bird controlPurity Pest Control employs only safe, humane bird control and natural and reliable ways to protect your crops and property from birds and other animals. We use live trapping and humane release methods. To keep birds away, we recommend using humane bird spikes and netting. Or, fool smaller birds into thinking that a larger predator is lurking about by using Black Hawk, Black Eagle and Great Eagle Bird Silhouette Repellers.The Black Hawk Bird Repeller has been proven to scare pigeons and seagulls.The Black Hawk Bird Repeller is great for use on balconies, and around pools, back yards, golf courses and much more.

Our internationally recognized K-9 detection team will inspect your home or business for birds and other pests. Call 1-905-761-9388 to schedule an appointment or submit an Inspection Request Form today!