Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Inspector Kody: 1st in the world of the Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs.

2005 Purity Pest Control Limited was the first company in the world to deploy a bed bug sniffing dog team to “sniff-out” live bed bugs. Trained and handled by Michael Goldman, owner of Purity, Inspector Kody (see picture inset) gave birth to a whole sub-industry within the pest management field – K-9 Bed Bug Detection. All teams deployed by Purity are 3rd party certified which means that evaporators who are at arm’s length from Purity test the teams on a yearly basis to ensure the teams alert to live bed bugs and viable eggs only and pass by dead bed bugs. Purity has performed thousands of inspection in Canada as well as the USA helping clients either confirm bed bug issues or remove them from the equation. Our teams become most valuable not when we confirm large infestations but rather when alerting to small bed bug issues, as small as 1 bed bug. Purity’s clients include hospitals, hotels, offices, multi unit dwellings and single-family homes. Purity’s teams are about 95% accurate compared to other inspections which are only 30 % accurate. Not all K-9 bed bug detection teams are created equal. Purity’s teams live up to and exceed the highest standards in the pest management industry. If you think you have a bed bug issue, call the company that the G-8 Summit host hotel called to ensure their delegates had a pest free stay.