K-9 Bed Bug Detection

k-9 bed bug detectionToronto K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Toronto K-9 Bed Bug Detection from Purity Pest Control, Serving Toronto and GTA. Trained bed bug dogs find pests fast!

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasites that prefer to feed on human blood. They also prefer nighttime activity and get their name from their presence in beds and households. Bed bugs can be anywhere from couches to carpet, but they are usually detected in the bed first. Human detection of bed bugs is usually slow. Dogs make the ideal bed bug hunter since they have the ability to detect them quickly.

K-9 Bed Bug detection is superior to human visual inspections for many reasons:

  1. Bed bugs hide in places where they are difficult to see.  K-9 Bed Bug Detection, sniffs them out wherever they hide!  Dogs are the best bed bug detectors.
  2. Where evidence of beg bugs is found by a human inspector, the whole room/house has to be treated.  With canine bed bug detection, only the areas where they are found normally needs to be treated.  Reducing the need for insecticides used.
  3. K-9 bed bug detection has been shown to be be more accurate.  Studies have indicated dogs find bed bugs with 98% accuracy as compared to much lower accuracy for human inspectors.