K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Purity Pest Control Limited services the GTA and beyond. Michael Goldman, owner of Purity was the first person in the world to train and deploy dogs to search for bed bugs. A human inspection is approximately 30 - 35% accurate because we rely on our eyesight. Purity's well trained and certified K-9 detection teams are around 95% accurate because the dog is using its nose to zero in on live bed bugs. Obviously if the search area is cluttered as in the case of a hoarder the percentage drops but the K-9 team is still better than a human inspection under the same conditions. Humans detect odours in parts per thousand while a dog can detect odours in parts per trillion.

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The First Company In The world to Train and Deploy Dogs to Sniff Out Bed Bugs

Purity was the FIRST company in the world to train and deploy dogs to sniff out bed bugs. We have the most experience and by choosing Purity Pest Control you can be assured you have chosen the oldest and first name in K9 Bed Bug Detection.


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- Michael Greenberg from Thornhill